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Hey all,


I was wondering if anyone on here knows anything about / has Lighthouse 360. From what I can gather, It's basically a CRM program combined with Bolt-On's Pro Pack. (if someone from Bolt-On would chime in, I'm sure they would have more information.)


I have Mitchell CRM and Bolt On Products, but what they offer is something of a Mitchell CRM competitor program bundled with Bolt On's pro pack. I was just wondering if anyone here had heard of or used their services and has maybe some more information. Thank you!

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      In case you hadn't heard, here's something you need to be aware of...

      AAA is making some changes, in the way they are doing business.

      Within the last few years, AAA has decided to build their own company-owned facilities.

      Here is a link, with an example of search results, drivers will see when they type in a zip code:

      Pay special attention to the search results marked (AAA Owned Facility).

      The facilities are impressive and are gaining traction:

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      This is genius marketing, on their part...

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      They now have a built-in customer base they can market to.

      What that means to you is...

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      So, this is something to be considered, in deciding to continue to be affiliated, as a AAA certified shop.

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