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Thinking about starting my own business

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Hello everyone!! I have a very non-traditional situation. I'm 35 years old and considering a career change. I have been a pharmacist for 10 years now and I absolutely regret it and hate my career and want to switch and have my own business.


When I was in high school I loved cars and technology and had taken automotive technology. since then repairing cars has been a hobby of mine. After high school I pretty much self taught myself how to do a lot of repairs and after pharmacy school I started buying professional tools.

My first car was a 2003 Mercedes-benz E320 and I was very intimidated by it and thought I was going to pay through my nose for it, but having background knowledge in car repair (and help from a friendly Mercedes benz technician) helped me learn that they really aren't bad cars to do work on. I have had a 2003 E320, a 2007 ML350, and now a 2009 S550. I have done a wide variety of repairs on them all and have tinkered with Star diagnosis a bit and would like to make my hobby a career. maybe open up a shop to do work on out of warranty European imports like benz,bmw,audi,and Porsche. I know this will not be an easy task a very expensive endeavor as I have done research and priced out diagnostic equipment/software update fees, but I feel that it would be worth it in the long run. I am currently looking to become ASE certified and then thinking about whether I want to open up a shop or go to a factory training program such as UTI, or even just hire a mechanic with experience in these types of cars. any advice/encouragement would be appreciated.

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