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Starting to sell tires and looking for advice.

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I am starting to sell tires. I picked up a new changer and balancer. I have valve stems, weights, patches and glues, lube and a scuffer for the rims. We have 4 lifts total, two techs. I am looking for any advice anyone has to give.


Right now my biggest questions are how much to mark up and how can i offer road hazard. Right now I am using US Auto Force as a supplier for my tires. The prices seem very good, but they do not offer a tire protection program that I am aware of. For pricing I would like to be at or a little above the dicount big boys like Big O and dicount tires. I dont want to get slammed with non stop tire work, but I also dont want to appear to be price gouging and start pissing off customers.


Also are there any special laws to folow. Do I need to log the serials in the computer? Does anyone use Alldata and is there a special set up in it for tires?


Thanks in advance guys, let me know if I am failing to ask the important questions.

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