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Elon Block

Technology is affecting every single area of the auto repair industry.

It's impacting what tools and skills your techs need.

The use of the internet by any customer with a smart phone in their
pocket is also presenting challenges in the tools and skills your
service advisors need.

Shop owners who want to take advantage of this huge opportunity,
are going to want to read this: Click here.

Elon Block

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write you a quick note to let you know Pat, my business partner and one of the coaches and sales trainers for my company...

Just completed a video addressing a concern one of our clients had about a new competitor moving into his town.

Even if this isn't a situation you're dealing with, the information in this short 6-minute video addresses...

How to position your business, as an auto repair shop, that believes in "treating the customer right".

Here's the link to the video:

Hope this helps.

Elon Block

Everyone has a number in mind that represents the next level, in their business.

It could be that you're at $750,000 and you're looking to hit $1,000,000.

Regardless of whether your sales goal is higher or lower than the million dollar benchmark...

There's a formula for making that happen.

In a new video I just uploaded, I talk about the most important number to focus on, in order to reach your goal - whatever it is.

By focusing on this number, you can quickly eliminate the need to spend thousands of dollars on marketing.

And put that back into your paycheck where it belongs.

Click here for this short video and then, let me know what you think.

Elon Block

Hi Everyone!

I know I haven't posted here recently. We've just been super busy.

But today, I strapped myself, into my chair, to share some timely information you might find helpful.

There are three subjects I want to talk about.

The first thing is: There's a new overtime law that may impact your business, depending on how you have your employees' pay plans set up.

Here's a video that was sponsored by The Automotive Service Association that talks about how this new law relates to the automotive industry:


The second thing is: Bridgestone announced some major cultural shifts, within their company.

Even if you're not a tire dealer, you're going to want to pay attention to what they're doing...

Because normally when you see a company this large, make this type of change, it tends to impact the entire industry.

In other words, if they do this right...

This can be a real game-changer because it will affect every auto repair shop and tire dealer.

To read more about my take on this, go here:

And last but not least, one of the reasons we've been so busy is we've been spending a lot of time in various auto repair shops across the country, working one-on-one, with some of our clients.

There have been some great insights and discoveries that have come from those weeks, on the road.

Keep an eye on this blog, in the coming weeks because I'll share some tips and strategies that are making a real measurable difference, in those shops' bottom-lines.

In fact, the shops that are using these strategies are firing their marketing companies...

And putting all those savings directly, into their own paychecks!

So, stay tuned.
Elon Block

In February 2016, the 2016 Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association published their

annual Automotive Aftermarket Status Report.


The report revealed a number of interesting facts and opportunities for auto repair shop owners.


First of all, the amount of unperformed maintenance has reached $69 Billion dollars.


This is a staggering number!


I suspect much of that is for unsold scheduled maintenance.


To find out what this mean to you, please click here for the rest of the report.

Elon Block

Hi everyone,


Just a quick note about the Fleet Work Program.


The first 7 slots filled up quickly, so I opened up another 7 slots. There are only 2 of those slots available. I do not know when (or if) I will open up more.


In case you're on the fence about what fleet work can do for you, I want to clear up 3 common misperceptions:

  • Misperception #1: "There's no profit in fleet work because you're competing on price."
    Fleet owners understand the big picture and make their decision based on the value you bring to them, in keeping their vehicles on the road. (When you sell fleet work correctly, price is never part of the conversation.)
  • Misperception #2: "You have to give them credit and terms."
    Everyone has heard stories about shops that didn't understand how to set up the account correctly and then, ended up with lots of credit on the street. (Getting paid on time - every time - is all about setting the expectations correctly, in the first sales conversation.)
  • Misperception #3: "Special tooling & equipment is required before you can get started."
    There are lots of companies in your area that have light trucks and vehicles that are unhappy with their current fleet work service provider. (The smart way to get started in fleet work is to pick and choose who you want to work with, based on specific criteria.)

Our clients increase their car count by an average of 2-3 vehicles per day.


Retail customers spend an average of $766.50 per year maintaining their vehicle. (according to AAA.)


Fleet owners spend much more than that, per vehicle, every year.


Here's the question for you: What would an additional 10-15 repair orders per week, do for your business?


Learn the proven strategies for adding this profit center to your business and keep your bays consistently filled, with profitable work.


Space is limited, so click here now:


Elon Block

Hi everyone,


Have you been thinking that adding fleet work would be a good addition to your business?


Fleet work increases your numbers, and smooths out your cash flow. It keeps your techs busy with a steady flow of profitable work.


Until now, our exclusive fleet work sales & management program has only been available to our existing clients.


We are now accepting a limited number of shop owners who would like to add fleet work to their business.


This program is designed to help you set up a profitable fleet program (or expand on what you're already doing).


Learn the proven strategies for adding this profit center to your business.


Space is limited, so click here now:


Elon Block

Hi everyone,


Did you see the latest Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company© announcement?


This is another major change in the industry, especially since it has to do

with pricing.


Anytime this type of change takes place, it impacts every auto repair shop.


The question is: How do you plan to respond to it?


There are a number of approaches you can take.


In this video episode, my business partner, Pat and I provide some real world

strategies for taking advantage of the opportunity.


Click here:



What are your thoughts on this? How do you plan to take advantage of it?



Elon Block

Two of the most common questions I see shop owners asking are centered around


1) How to hire techs and service advisors and


2) What's the best form of marketing for new customers.


The better question should be:


What's the easiest way to attract these people?


The simplest answer is by becoming a magnet by way of your core philosophy.


In order to thrive (not just survive), the auto repair business model must be based

on a core philosophy of "win-win-win".


What that means in action is:


1) The shop understands what the customer really wants... and gives it to them.


2) The shop understands what the employees want... and gives it to them.


Only then... can the shop win.


Anytime, there is an imbalance of that core philosophy, someone is going to

be resentful.


Usually this occurs because shop owners have been convinced of "best practices"

that are no longer best practices.


So, they do not have a predictable, workable system for creating a win-win-win

experience for the most important aspects of the business, which are the

employees and the customers.


What does a win-win-win experience look like?


Quite simply, the customers in the area walk away every time they use that shop,

telling others....


"That repair shop is the only one I would ever take my vehicles to."


And for employees...


There is a drawer full of applications of people that want to work there because,

"It's a killer place to work!"


If this feeling by the people in the community is missing, the shop owner is destined

to spend all their time (and money) constantly replacing the customers and employees

that feel the relationship is one-sided.


There's a big difference in doing things right... and doing the right thing.


It requires a shift in thinking.


It requires looking at everything from a big picture standpoint, in order to believe

"we can ‘do the right thing’ profitably."


Once the shift is made... everything gets better - faster and permanently.

Elon Block

Hi everyone,


Something happened recently that really pushed my buttons.


Weeks later, I'm still angry about it.


Not for me.


But for all the shop owners, like you, who are trying to build a profitable

auto repair business, in today's economy.


What gives them the right to decide what you should or shouldn't be told?


Here's what happened.


I was scheduled to speak at a business conference for auto repair shop owners.


This had been on my calendar for months.


Two weeks before I was to get on a plane...


I got an email from the event coordinator saying, my talk was cancelled.


No reason given.


Just a one line email saying they had taken me off the agenda.


I immediately picked up the phone and called to find out what had happened.


I won't bore you will all the details but bottom-line...


They told me "It was decided their audience would not appreciate and

might even be offended by the information in my presentation."


Obviously, they can ban me...


But they can't stop me from sharing with you...


The truth about...


What profitable shop owners know about the courtesy inspection...


That struggling shop owners don't know.


If you're frustrated that your numbers are not where you KNOW

they should be...


This short 15 minute video shines a light on the leading cause of

mediocre sales and profits and a low ARO.



Just like fixing a car...


You have to accurately diagnose what's really causing the problem...


Before you can take the steps to repair it.


Let me know what questions you have about the video:


You can contact me with any questions you have:



Or pick up the phone and call me at:



PS It's important this information gets out, so please pass this information

on to other shop owners you know could benefit from it. Thanks!




"We help under-performing tire and auto repair shops reach their full potential.

Full bays. More sales. Increased profits. Guaranteed!"





Elon Block

Hi everyone,


What I'm about to tell you will either excite you - or offend you.


At first glance, you may think I'm going to talk about a subject that has been

hashed and re-hashed.


And there couldn't possibly be anything left to say about it.


So, you may be tempted to hit your back button and go on about your day.


However, if you're like most shop owners I speak with...


This is a problem they've been struggling with - for years...


And it's still not "handled".


As a result, your numbers are not even close to where you know they should be.


This video will introduce some things that are rarely talked about regarding

your techs, your service advisors, your courtesy inspections...


And your customers.


Because until we examine this problem up close and personal,

the struggle to get paid what you're worth, will continue.


You can find Episode 3 on this page (along with the first couple of episodes, in case you missed them):



You can contact me with any questions you have:



Or pick up the phone and call me at:





"We help under-performing tire and auto repair shops reach their full potential.

Full bays. More sales. Increased profits. Guaranteed!"

Elon Block

Hi everyone!


It's ready now...


Episode 2 of our new series called, "The Secrets of Building a Profitable Auto Repair Business That Runs On Autopilot!".


Are you losing customers to the dealerships?


Now that the economy is improving in some areas, more people are buying new cars.


That's having an impact on the independent auto repair shops because...


Most dealerships have put together aggressive service and maintenance programs for their new car buyers.


For example, the dealerships are giving away oil changes... at no charge.


It's hard to compete with "no charge".


However, looking at things from a "big picture" standpoint allows us to see things, in a different light.


In this video, we focus on the "bigger opportunity" that's happening right now...


And how to grab your piece of that pie.


You can find Episode 2 on this page (along with the first episode, in case you missed it):



Send me a private message with any questions you have.


Or pick up the phone and call me at:





"We help under-performing tire and auto repair shops reach their full potential.

Full bays. More sales. Increased profits. Guaranteed!"

Elon Block

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a video that is the first of many I plan to record,

in order to answer some of the most common questions I get.


The idea to produce these videos came to me, as a result of an

article I wrote a few months ago called:

"How To Build An Auto Repair Shop That Runs On Autopilot."


If you're like many of the shop owners that have contacted me,

the idea of having a business that is profitable and runs smoothly

with - or without you... Is at the top of their priority list.


However, making it happen - is another story.


This video may be a missing piece for you so you can start making

more sales, increase your profits...


And give up the struggle towards having a business that runs

on autopilot.


Read the article:



Then, watch the video on that page.


Contact me with any questions you have:



Or pick up the phone and call me at:





"We help under-performing tire and auto repair shops reach their full potential.

Full bays. More sales. Increased profits. Guaranteed!"

Elon Block

How To Build An Auto Repair Business That Runs On Autopilot


Most shop owners I talk with want a business that runs on autopilot.


What exactly does that mean? Well, let's start with the true definition.


The dictionary defines "autopilot" as a:

"device for controlling an aircraft or other vehicle without constant human intervention."


I've never peeked into the cockpit of the plane... continue reading >>>


Elon Block

Selling service and tires is a lot different than it was just a few years ago.


Even the most seasoned service advisors are battling to adapt their sales methods

to this change in customer behavior....


Because today's internet-driven, "more educated" customer is demanding a more

straightforward, transparent approach.


This Free Breakthrough Video Series will help you sell more service and tires.


Sign up here to get immediate access:

Free Training Videos


No strings. No fluff. Just solid information that works to fill your bays, increase

your sales and boost your profits. without discounting or giving your profits away.



Elon Block

Does any of this look familiar to you when you think about your service advisors (and your business)?

  • They're struggling to make their numbers.
  • They have a growing stack of unsold estimates.
  • Courtesy inspections aren't being offered.
  • Or the work isn't getting sold.
  • The appointment calendar isn't packed.
  • There are empty bays with techs standing around.
  • Car count is down. And so is the ARO.

Don't feel bad if these are some of the challenges you're dealing with, because you're not alone.


Almost every shop owner I talk with, is suffering from one - or more - of these issues.


In response to this, I've created a series of posts, designed to help you solve some of these problems.


What you're going to discover, over the next few days, is information no one else, in the industry,

has been willing to talk about - until now.


It's the hidden problem that's draining the sales, profits - and life out of your business.


To read the rest of this article, Click Here Now.

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