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Attracting the best employees - and marketing for new customers.

Elon Block


Two of the most common questions I see shop owners asking are centered around


1) How to hire techs and service advisors and


2) What's the best form of marketing for new customers.


The better question should be:


What's the easiest way to attract these people?


The simplest answer is by becoming a magnet by way of your core philosophy.


In order to thrive (not just survive), the auto repair business model must be based

on a core philosophy of "win-win-win".


What that means in action is:


1) The shop understands what the customer really wants... and gives it to them.


2) The shop understands what the employees want... and gives it to them.


Only then... can the shop win.


Anytime, there is an imbalance of that core philosophy, someone is going to

be resentful.


Usually this occurs because shop owners have been convinced of "best practices"

that are no longer best practices.


So, they do not have a predictable, workable system for creating a win-win-win

experience for the most important aspects of the business, which are the

employees and the customers.


What does a win-win-win experience look like?


Quite simply, the customers in the area walk away every time they use that shop,

telling others....


"That repair shop is the only one I would ever take my vehicles to."


And for employees...


There is a drawer full of applications of people that want to work there because,

"It's a killer place to work!"


If this feeling by the people in the community is missing, the shop owner is destined

to spend all their time (and money) constantly replacing the customers and employees

that feel the relationship is one-sided.


There's a big difference in doing things right... and doing the right thing.


It requires a shift in thinking.


It requires looking at everything from a big picture standpoint, in order to believe

"we can ‘do the right thing’ profitably."


Once the shift is made... everything gets better - faster and permanently.


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