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The information that got me banned. Controversial new video.

Elon Block


Hi everyone,


Something happened recently that really pushed my buttons.


Weeks later, I'm still angry about it.


Not for me.


But for all the shop owners, like you, who are trying to build a profitable

auto repair business, in today's economy.


What gives them the right to decide what you should or shouldn't be told?


Here's what happened.


I was scheduled to speak at a business conference for auto repair shop owners.


This had been on my calendar for months.


Two weeks before I was to get on a plane...


I got an email from the event coordinator saying, my talk was cancelled.


No reason given.


Just a one line email saying they had taken me off the agenda.


I immediately picked up the phone and called to find out what had happened.


I won't bore you will all the details but bottom-line...


They told me "It was decided their audience would not appreciate and

might even be offended by the information in my presentation."


Obviously, they can ban me...


But they can't stop me from sharing with you...


The truth about...


What profitable shop owners know about the courtesy inspection...


That struggling shop owners don't know.


If you're frustrated that your numbers are not where you KNOW

they should be...


This short 15 minute video shines a light on the leading cause of

mediocre sales and profits and a low ARO.



Just like fixing a car...


You have to accurately diagnose what's really causing the problem...


Before you can take the steps to repair it.


Let me know what questions you have about the video:


You can contact me with any questions you have:



Or pick up the phone and call me at:



PS It's important this information gets out, so please pass this information

on to other shop owners you know could benefit from it. Thanks!




"We help under-performing tire and auto repair shops reach their full potential.

Full bays. More sales. Increased profits. Guaranteed!"






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