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3 Common Misperceptions About Fleet Work

Elon Block


Hi everyone,


Just a quick note about the Fleet Work Program.


The first 7 slots filled up quickly, so I opened up another 7 slots. There are only 2 of those slots available. I do not know when (or if) I will open up more.


In case you're on the fence about what fleet work can do for you, I want to clear up 3 common misperceptions:

  • Misperception #1: "There's no profit in fleet work because you're competing on price."
    Fleet owners understand the big picture and make their decision based on the value you bring to them, in keeping their vehicles on the road. (When you sell fleet work correctly, price is never part of the conversation.)
  • Misperception #2: "You have to give them credit and terms."
    Everyone has heard stories about shops that didn't understand how to set up the account correctly and then, ended up with lots of credit on the street. (Getting paid on time - every time - is all about setting the expectations correctly, in the first sales conversation.)
  • Misperception #3: "Special tooling & equipment is required before you can get started."
    There are lots of companies in your area that have light trucks and vehicles that are unhappy with their current fleet work service provider. (The smart way to get started in fleet work is to pick and choose who you want to work with, based on specific criteria.)

Our clients increase their car count by an average of 2-3 vehicles per day.


Retail customers spend an average of $766.50 per year maintaining their vehicle. (according to AAA.)


Fleet owners spend much more than that, per vehicle, every year.


Here's the question for you: What would an additional 10-15 repair orders per week, do for your business?


Learn the proven strategies for adding this profit center to your business and keep your bays consistently filled, with profitable work.


Space is limited, so click here now:



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