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7 Warning Signs Your Service Advisors Are Selling Like It's 1999

Elon Block


Does any of this look familiar to you when you think about your service advisors (and your business)?

  • They're struggling to make their numbers.
  • They have a growing stack of unsold estimates.
  • Courtesy inspections aren't being offered.
  • Or the work isn't getting sold.
  • The appointment calendar isn't packed.
  • There are empty bays with techs standing around.
  • Car count is down. And so is the ARO.

Don't feel bad if these are some of the challenges you're dealing with, because you're not alone.


Almost every shop owner I talk with, is suffering from one - or more - of these issues.


In response to this, I've created a series of posts, designed to help you solve some of these problems.


What you're going to discover, over the next few days, is information no one else, in the industry,

has been willing to talk about - until now.


It's the hidden problem that's draining the sales, profits - and life out of your business.


To read the rest of this article, Click Here Now.


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