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Episode #2 of "Your Shop On AutoPilot" is ready...

Elon Block


Hi everyone!


It's ready now...


Episode 2 of our new series called, "The Secrets of Building a Profitable Auto Repair Business That Runs On Autopilot!".


Are you losing customers to the dealerships?


Now that the economy is improving in some areas, more people are buying new cars.


That's having an impact on the independent auto repair shops because...


Most dealerships have put together aggressive service and maintenance programs for their new car buyers.


For example, the dealerships are giving away oil changes... at no charge.


It's hard to compete with "no charge".


However, looking at things from a "big picture" standpoint allows us to see things, in a different light.


In this video, we focus on the "bigger opportunity" that's happening right now...


And how to grab your piece of that pie.


You can find Episode 2 on this page (along with the first episode, in case you missed it):



Send me a private message with any questions you have.


Or pick up the phone and call me at:





"We help under-performing tire and auto repair shops reach their full potential.

Full bays. More sales. Increased profits. Guaranteed!"


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