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Labor Law Changes, Transparency & Firing Your Marketing Co.

Elon Block


Hi Everyone!

I know I haven't posted here recently. We've just been super busy.

But today, I strapped myself, into my chair, to share some timely information you might find helpful.

There are three subjects I want to talk about.

The first thing is: There's a new overtime law that may impact your business, depending on how you have your employees' pay plans set up.

Here's a video that was sponsored by The Automotive Service Association that talks about how this new law relates to the automotive industry:


The second thing is: Bridgestone announced some major cultural shifts, within their company.

Even if you're not a tire dealer, you're going to want to pay attention to what they're doing...

Because normally when you see a company this large, make this type of change, it tends to impact the entire industry.

In other words, if they do this right...

This can be a real game-changer because it will affect every auto repair shop and tire dealer.

To read more about my take on this, go here:

And last but not least, one of the reasons we've been so busy is we've been spending a lot of time in various auto repair shops across the country, working one-on-one, with some of our clients.

There have been some great insights and discoveries that have come from those weeks, on the road.

Keep an eye on this blog, in the coming weeks because I'll share some tips and strategies that are making a real measurable difference, in those shops' bottom-lines.

In fact, the shops that are using these strategies are firing their marketing companies...

And putting all those savings directly, into their own paychecks!

So, stay tuned.


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