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Episode #1 The Secrets of Building a Profitable Auto Repair Business That Runs On Autopilot!

Elon Block


Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a video that is the first of many I plan to record,

in order to answer some of the most common questions I get.


The idea to produce these videos came to me, as a result of an

article I wrote a few months ago called:

"How To Build An Auto Repair Shop That Runs On Autopilot."


If you're like many of the shop owners that have contacted me,

the idea of having a business that is profitable and runs smoothly

with - or without you... Is at the top of their priority list.


However, making it happen - is another story.


This video may be a missing piece for you so you can start making

more sales, increase your profits...


And give up the struggle towards having a business that runs

on autopilot.


Read the article:



Then, watch the video on that page.


Contact me with any questions you have:



Or pick up the phone and call me at:





"We help under-performing tire and auto repair shops reach their full potential.

Full bays. More sales. Increased profits. Guaranteed!"


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