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  1. According to the us rep I deal with, updates are not going away. Where did you find this info. Thanks
  2. Brian, for those type of rotors that don't slide of I plan on using a nearby machine shop that will cut them for me and adjust the invoice.
  3. I currently use the Hanatech Ultra scan, for the price I'm pretty impressed cost around 3800 has a wide coverage of vehicle, very fast and has good bidirectional control, updates are not expensive, free for two years. Of course is not perfect the o-scope I don't like it us not color screen not self powered. Has anyone else played with this scan tool?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I will take your advises. I'm going to stay here and try to grow the business. No Motley I'm still a one man show. Thanks for sharing your experience Car man .
  5. Hello everyone, As some of you are aware I'm currently running my shop as a side business. I still have my full time job, but I'm considering going full time with my shop to try and grow it. Well my shop currently is located on an old Hwy meaning it use to be the main hwy but now they've built a bigger hwy. Car count averages 160 per hr where I'm at and there are a lot of neighborhoods around here. My question is, there is a shop available on the main hwy with a lot more car count but the overhead will increase about 50%. Do you guys think I should stay here while I do the transition to fu
  6. Welcome Josh. I agree with you this forum is great. I'm in the jacksonville Nc area let me know if I can be of assistance.
  7. Well at the shop that I worked for he would charge $200 for the brake job that included brake pads and rotors. I guess he was able to make it with a little bit of profit after paying tech. I might just look into the brake lathe.
  8. I'm trying to make a decision whether or not to buy a brake lathe. Since brake rotors are not very pricey do you think is better to just sell complete brake job pads and rotors instead of turning them? One of the independent shops I used to work for did not have a brake lathe and it worked out pretty good for him. Does anyone else use this approach, or is a brake lathe needed?
  9. Thanks for reply ATS. I'm trying to find a way to go full time. I can see how this can be a double edge. Thanks again
  10. Thanks Xrac. I'm going to look into that. See if there are large fleets around here.
  11. I guess it all depends Joe. I was one of those entry level techs giving an opportunity 10 years ago. I graduated from UTI with no experience in the field I was in the army for 4 years but not as a mechanic. I was hired by Ford as a MLR tech just doing oil changes and brakes. What helped me succeed was my willingness to learn and not afraid to ask for help. I was fortunate to have a old timer master tech that took me under his wings and teach me a lot within a year I was comfortable working on my own. No body starts knowing but I feel as long as the person likes his trade and is willing to list
  12. I'm renting my overhead here is around 1700 with everything. I'm thinking about diving in like you did Motley I guess the fear gets me.
  13. When you guys first started did you guys hire techs or work on your own first
  14. Thanks NC. Well I'm the only one working the shop and I'm the only one supporting the family. My current job pays the bills and I don't think I can live of the shop yet. I'm just curious how did you guys do it when you first started in this 4 months I've barely made my over head.

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