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  1. I prefer steel lines of coarse, however on the other hand I keep a roll o the copper/nickel on had for those tedious jobs with little space to work. Just like we had to fab alot of line on a car the other day and I was easier to use the c/n.
  2. Tried and they replied saying that you must buy a higher priced machine to have that option. Just a note, I bought the mid level machine.
  3. I just recently bought the Hofman Geoliner 550. The software version is Pro 42. It has an option on it to link to your management software, however; i cannot get it to connect. I am utilizing Mitchell Manager 6.4 SE. I contacted the support line for both and no luck. Has anyone else hit this bumb in the road and if so have you found a solution. It has found my SHOPSTREAM as a host name but will not regonize the database.

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