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  1. www.sweitzerperformance.com Still needs some work but we're getting there!
  2. There is shop management software that can do all of this for you. We use MyShopAssist, which is mostly directed at performance and custom work type shops, but there are many. Techs track all hours with a tablet, which is sectioned out as much as you want it to be. Helps to adjust your estimating as well as track efficiency.
  3. I use a guy that does primarily motorsports stuff. Found out about him through other racers, but he has done a great job for me. Let me know if you'd like his contact info.
  4. Hey everyone, First I must say thank you to those of you that have taken the time to help me work through many of my startup issues! I'm still quite a ways off, about 8 months, but the future looks bright! Anyway, its time for me to start writing employee handbooks and a shop operations manual. I have a few templates, but they are pretty general. I know a lot of the "my shop specific" items I want in these, but a lot of the cookie-cutter type tasks and items I'm sure I will forget trying to write the entire document from scratch. Would any of you be willing to share these documents fo
  5. I will be attending on March 5th in San Jose! I registered a couple weeks ago. I think it will be worthwhile. Thank you!
  6. We're going to be a domestic performance and general repair shop. My goal is to be able to transition away from general repair in about 2 years. By then I want to have enough business to focus strictly on performance work with an emphasis on ford stuff. If the market is there we hope to get a chassis dyno and hire a tuner. If the demand is there id like to be able to hire a fabricator to do in house chassis fabrication as well.
  7. Hey guys, I am shotgunning this offer to any of you willing to offer your input. I am in the early stages of opening my shop in southern california. I have put together a business plan with as much of my own insight as possible, but your eyes and experience would really help. Is there anyone willing to look over my plan and projections and offer their input/criticisms? I am working through this process as best as I know how, but so far as the actions I need to be taking and a timeline i should be following to stay on track and be successful, some experience and a few people's time would g
  8. I'll send you an email, thanks! And no worries, I have thick skin. We all need to be kept in reality
  9. Thanks guys. I'm going to put this reach out there, is there anyone here that would be willing to look over my business plan? So far as projections of sales, expenses etc? I've given it my best shot and tried to be pretty conservative, but I have a feeling that someone with some owner's experience could pick it apart pretty easily. Thanks in advance for anybody's help! IG: leesweitzerracing FB: familyaffairmustangs
  10. Hello everyone. I am well into the process of starting my own shop. The plan is to open our doors for business October 1st this year. I won't pretend to be the most knowledgable with business, but am putting forth as much effort to prepare as I can. I hope to find a couple mentors here who would be willing to help me through this startup time and beyond. Things like refining the business plan, financing options, etc. I look forward to learning from you all!

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