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  2. Had a customer blow their engine on the interstate. Vehicle was towed to the shop. Customer stated that he blew the engine and he might be back to get it but he also said that it was in reposition and the lein holder might be back for it. That was on December the 8th. Lein holder now wants the vehicle, we told them $50 a day. They claim that we need to file that we had an abandoned vehicle on our lot. Their bill is $1050 for storage fees. They want to get the car and only pay $250. We claim that the vehicle was not abandoned, the owner was present at the time of drop off. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. We have been doing free code readings since we have opened. We then charge for diagnosis. I figure why charge for read a code if others are going to do it for free. It is also a way to meet and greet the customer. 80% of them let us do the diagnostic and repair.
  4. We stock no tires what so ever. To me that is just capital lying around. I can get any Tire the customer chooses in a day. I do not mark up the tire at all. So on a 4 tire sell we make $80 on mounting and balance. I can do a set of 4 by myself in 30 minutes. That being said that is way more money per hour than our shop rate. I will gladly install tires all day long than wrenching. We don't offer any road hazard, special fees and I have a guy that takes all my discarded tires for free. Win, win.
  5. We had the best month of our history in March. Going on three years in business. Can not explain this, however, the local grocery store that has been in business for over 15 years also had his best month ever in March as well. Can't explain it. Did absolutely no marketing since the first of January. April was about 3k lower than March, but still outstanding for this small two man Shop in the middle of nowhere.

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