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  2. I was very nervous about using the service but I was afraid they would start Filtering my reviews so I went for it. I had 180/mo to spend since a previous Yellow Pages contract expired so that is what I set my budget at. I have noticed a significant increase in business as well as an increase of calls directly from the Yelp app. I will be increasing by budget as soon as I can handle the increased car count. Keep on mind that I'm not a fan of Yelp but my customers surly are. It works for my business in my area. PM me if you want more information
  3. The key to Mitchell is to stay with it. I've used the system for 15 years and I'm still learning new stuff. BOT has really filled in where Mitchell is lacking. My best advice it to remember there is not a program that does everything you want it to the way you want it to. Learn to adapt to what it is and make suggestions on forums. They listen
  4. I have done both Home Depot brand and paid a pro. The HD brand held up admirably for 2 years then started to peel pretty good. I got a pro for my current floor. First was grind the concrete. This takes the place of the etching that the box stores recommend. Then it was vapor seal. Then epoxy. Then granite chips/flake. Then 2 more coats of epoxy then 3 coats of clear. It is over 50 mils thick. I can soak it in gasoline then drop a transmission on it and it doesn't budge, chip or stain. All that said it cost me over 10,000 for 4000 sf. Sorry, I looked for a pic on my phone but no
  5. How is Elite different from Management Success or ATI? There website looks the same. "Make more money, have less stress and take more time off". Those are the promises all the automotive management companies are making. What's the difference?
  6. Well the meeting went pretty good. We advised the employees that we wont be sharing business numbers but that we want to see them achieve the bonus. Everyone is kinda hanging their heads around here though. We need to boost moral. I'm sure that comes from the top but I have been fully overwhelmed lately are I'm in Don't Have a Heart Attack Mode. How do I bring the fun back to work?
  7. This is my feeling as well. I appreciate your confirmation. I think we have an authority issue not an information sharing issue
  8. We are staring an incentive plan to increase team work between the techs and the office, increase use of the Bolt On Tech system and increase employee pay. We have a tech who seems to be dissatisfied lately. A lot of moaning and groaning. A lot of CYA diags. He does good work and bills good hours, but he's just been passive aggressively making me crazy. He really seems to be in disagreement with the way I run my business. So this tech wants to see the weekly number the incentive will be based on. Do I show him? Do I show him the weekly number and the weekly expenses? I feel
  9. Save yourself 40,000 grand. Buy a L Ron Hubbard book and learn the Tone Scale. That is the basis for the program. Once in the program they will relentlessly pressure you to sign up for other courses at 15000 a pop. Go buy all the George Witt videos from AVI and you'll be far better off.

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