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  1. Car_Autoreports: Thanks for the reply. I remain interested in additional constructive feedback. Also, an alternative idea suggested by a friend is to specialize in diesel truck service, as a specialty, catering to commercial customers. Thoughts or feedback on this idea?
  2. Thank you for the candid feedback. Maybe I've underestimated the difference in the complexity of servicing higher end vehicles. I own two Lexus vehicles and I have performed all my own work on them, I've found them to generally be easier to work on than my Ford vehicle. My sense is that most of the systems are similar between low end vehicles and high end vehicles. In my experience, the differences mostly pertain to fit/finish, features and electronics. I fully expect to have to invest in some specialty tools. I'm curious to know more about why you feel that servicing higher end vehicles
  3. Matthew: Thanks for being willing to reply to my request for assistance and for helping to validate that the area and property I'm considering should have sufficient demand. The reason I mentioned that I have extensive experience as a DIYer is to make the point that auto repair is not foreign to me. I understand the way cars work, how to diagnose them, and fundamentally understand the work of repairing vehicles. I think understanding cars is a help when starting this business, wouldn't you agree? From a business operations standpoint, I know I will have a learning curve for the
  4. I'm new here and I have to say that I'm a bit surprised that my post has received nearly 65 views as of today and not one person has an opinion on this? I was hoping to get some honest feedback based on experience from other shop owners. I have more questions, but this is the critical starting point. I was hopeful that my original post was detailed enough to explain the opportunity so that responses would be meaningful. Maybe I gave too much information and scared everyone away?
  5. Hi! I'm looking to open a new automotive repair shop and I could use some help assessing a specific opportunity from the experts here. To put this in perspective, I would be a new owner without prior repair shop experience, however, I understand repair work and have done almost all of my own work on my personal vehicles for nearly 30 years. The scope of work I have personally performed included transmissions swaps, suspension, brakes, ignition systems, fuel systems, computer diagnostics and so on. My formal training is in science and management and I've been in corporate positions for 20+

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