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  1. TomH


  2. I don't think you are high enough for your area. I have been over $90 for at least 6 years now in Dayton, Ohio. It is not what you charge, it is the value of the service received for the price.
  3. It looks great. The only suggestion I would have is to put pictures of the shop and the employees on the site to give it a personal feel.
  4. I used to have longer hours and also was open on Saturday. Life is too short to work it all away. I got 4 loaner cars and am now only open Mon. - Fri from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm. If the customer can't get there car there during those hours, I arrange a free loaner car. I have 2 teenage boys and they come first. I wasn't making much with extended hours when you factor in paying overtime. Read this and it might change your mind from working yourself to death. Marbles
  5. It costs me 3.5% plus .25 cents per transaction. I had to buy compatible equipment which costs me $427.00. We are also able to use this machine for all our other credit card processing. ( the other cards are at a much lower rate). I hope this helps.
  6. I recently just got signed up with them because I had a company come in that was using them and they wanted to do business with us. It was a pain to get the credit card machine set up but now all is good, We'll see how it goes.
  7. Our auto repair facility located in Dayton, Ohio is a trustworthy partner for all kinds of automotive repairs. Your personal auto safety is assured when your car is on the road running smoothly. That's why we don't merely provide comprehensive consultation, but we also perform important safety checks for you. In our garage, your vehicle is repaired exclusively by qualified, ASE certified personnel. Inspections are conducted by experienced technicians, so that you'll have no problems on the road. We are an ASE Blue Seal Facility and also a AAA approved garage. We are a full service repair facility. If you will...... we are an old-fashioned service garage..... updated and equipped to the Automotive Technology of the Future.... but still with that personal and professional touch you used to find! Our service facility is equipped with the latest technology, and we always stay up to date with new developments in our profession. Personal customer care, fair and up front pricing, as well as high quality in our work are of the greatest importance to us. We gladly provide you with advice at any time, and we do our best to ensure your comfort and safety on the road.
  8. I'm in Dayton, Ohio, the shops that they bought are in Cincinnati, only about 40 miles away. I can't say on this list what I really think. (we have to keep it clean!) Let's just say I gave them an earful. They say it would never happen in Dayton, buy why not? When one of my customer's call them for a tow to my shop, they already try to get it going or sell them a battery before towing it to me. I won't continue to be a AAA Approved Shop if they are going to be my competition. AAA Buys garages
  9. I bought that tool for about $300.00 a couple years ago to repair a car that I had in the shop. I then posted on a Cadillac Forum that I would rent the tool out. It's paid for itself 4 times over with no problems. I'm think of adding more specialized tool to the list. I also rent it to local garages for a discount. I think this idea of a few shops each buying a specialized tool and then sharing them should grow since the tools are expensive for as little as you would use it yourself.
  10. I just got the AutoEnginuity last week. So far I am VERY impressed. I bought the complete domestic and Asian. It shows so much more information then our Snap On Solus and our Master Tech. Plus it just has a crazy amount of graphing features, It was a total investment of about $2000 including a new high end laptop.

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