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New Technician Training Issue or Character Flaw?

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Recently hired a new tech. He's been with us for about 3 weeks now. Been having weekly meetings with him on things that we would like him to improve upon. Have noticed that the majority of oil changes that he has done with vehicles that have anywhere from 100K to 250K miles don't have a single technician recommendation. I thought it was just one instance initially but have noticed that its been MOST of the vehicles he has serviced for oil changes. With vehicles with that many miles on them, I would expect that there would be at least 1 if not numerous recommendations. We do have a check list that all technicians perform when doing oil changes and he has been marking "checked ok" on all of the checklist items for these vehicles. I approached him about this and he seemed to get really defensive. I obviously don't want him to ever fabricate any issues but I just can't believe that out of 10 vehicles with that high mileage there are simply no recommendations. We pay our technicians hourly here at our shop and I'm starting to think that because of this, for this technician anyways, he isn't very self motivated to perform the 24 point inspection very thoroughly. I have scheduled a meeting for the lead technician to go over how a 24 point vehicle inspection should be done with this technician on Thursday. Any thoughts on how I could help this tech or is it a personality thing that cannot be changed?

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