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Since Murphy's lightning is striking twice today, here is another great one!

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Got a call, customer asked for a quote (2007 335i). I think I even exhaled when I heard that but I went through the my general run down. Here is how the convo went,



Me: Sir what kind of problems are you experiencing with your vehicle?


Customer: I need some quotes on some work for my car.


Me: Did you have the problems diagnosed somewhere?


Customer: No but I know what I need.


Me: Ok what do you need to have serviced?


Customer: I THINK I need my valve cover gasket changed, I THINK I need my oil filter housing gasket changed, I THINK I need a belt and belt tensioner and I have the parts, I THINK I need a mechatronics sleeve and thrust arms. How much?


Me: Well sir if I can make a recommendation... since you did not get your vehicle diagnosed by a professional I would like to invite you to bring the vehicle to us and we can perform a visual inspection for you to determine what you do and don't need. I can then give you a proper estimate.


Customer: But my car doesn't start, I can't move it.


My brain goes into the UGH mode.


Me: Why doesn't the car start?


Customer: The belt jumped off.


Me: It sounds like you may have experienced a problem with the tensioner bolt bending and/or your tensioner failing. When the belt falls off on this particular engine you can do a lot of damage other than the obvious. belt material can eat into the front crank seal, damage the radiator and affect anything in the front of the car.


Customer: Oh really I didn't know.


Me: Yes so it would make the most sense for you to bring the car to us so can properly assess what you need.


Customer: I would have to tow it to you then and I don't know if I want to do that without getting a price.


Me: Well sir I am not charging you to inspect the car as of now.


Customer: I would have to pay for a tow then unless you offer a free tow. Do you do that?


Me: No sir unfortunately we do not however I am not charging you to inspect your car. For the cost of a tow you can have a professional look at and I can create an accurate estimate for you. If you don't like it you can always go somewhere else.


Customer: Well your not going to get my business unless I get a quote. I want to bring it to you because your specialist.




and the convo went on for another few minutes with nothing being resolved.


Odd ball people have been calling me all day and its driving me insane.

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