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Sign construction

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Had a few people interested in the construction of my sign, so here are a few pictures of the finished product. I didn't get to take too many during the construction, so hopefully these help enough for whoever is interested.







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    • By mspecperformance
      I absolutely can't stand that company. They are the leader in the market (auto repair shop management software) and arguably the biggest company however move at a snail's pace when it comes to making any sort of productivity or efficiency changes. They know they have a lock on their subscribers so they are just milking the cows for all they are worth. Even through that annoyance the most annoying thing is their billing department. I have heard horror stories from others but from my experience they are absolutely garbage. I had a QB integrator on the account that I had tried to cancel multiple times. I kept on getting billed for it even though it showed in their records that I had cancelled months prior. 
      I can't wait to move on from these turds.
      /end rant
    • By BrianJeffrey
      I have a great that a new local import dealer is stealing away from me. He has been with me for almost 5 months. Great guy experienced, import certified, ASE Master. The new local dealer needs a certified tech like him, some sort of dealer requirements. I'm sure not the first to have this happen. Has anyone upped the labor rate to keep a tech like this and been successful? My thought is to raise the rate considerably. 10-12 per hour and also raise my warranty.
      Anyone been in a similar situation?
      Thanks in advance
    • By CAautogroup
      Hello all,
      What is your procedure for customers signing in or checking in? Do you have a sheet for all customers to right there information (somewhat of a doctors office style) or just greet and immediately begin service?
      Thanks for your thoughts and opinions in advance.
    • By Joe Marconi
      I have been following the Hybrid Shop for some time now, and it really does intrigue me. You buy into a franchise agreement and become part of a growing network of dealers dedicated to work on Hybrids, particularly in the area of restoring and reconditioning the main batteries.
      These battery packs can cost anywhere from 3 to $9,000 at the dealer. With their proven process, they bring the cost down to around $1500. Plus, you get the potential to get all the other work from these Hybrid customers.
      They are selective in who their grant their dealer agreements with and the cost for program is around $69,000.
      I would like to ask everyone their opinions on this concept. It appears it is taking off.
      Heres a link for more information
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