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Leonard Lee

New Workshop Owner from Singapore

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Hi guys,



Only just realised that its a US-centric forum. I hope you'll allow me to stay around and learn+contribute :)


I'm Leonard Lee and i'll be co-owning+managing a brand new auto shop in Singapore. For the moment we're looking at Volkswagens however, I won't be turning any customers away as I want to be able to expand the business to do as many makes as I possibly can, without diluting the quality factor of course.


I have much to learn at this stage in terms of management. I'm not a total stranger to working on a car and i think i'm alright with diagnosis/troubleshooting, R&R of any mechanical parts on a vehicle, what I don't know is engine assembly(still learning), gearbox assembly and differential assembly (i think i got it lol)


I've got so many questions and I guess i can't fire them all out at once. heh... can I ?



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Hi Gonzo! Thank you for the welcome! I concur! This is a treasure trove of information on how, why, what to and what not to do when owning an Auto Shop. I have much to learn and foresee myself having many questions that I don't have answers to - Thankfully all I will have to do is ask it here! I have always been one to give back to the community so I will be around to help the new ones out for sure :) I look forward to meeting and getting to know all of you!


Hi Wes! Thank you! :) I will recommend that to be purchased! Thank you for the link. I'll need to do some reading so I know what I'm talking about


We haven't set up shop yet nor have we decided on a location - however we have zoned in on 2 locations.


What software do you run for managing bookings and customer information? I'ld imagine I would need some sort of CRM to keep track of work done, notes from my mechanics as well as talking points for each customer. Am I over-thinking things? How do you handle customers at your workshop?

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