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It seems like I have a thousand tools for so many different purposes, a certain ratchet for this bolt and different ratchet for that bolt. It seems also now that I have gotten that way with flashlights. A flashlight for working in the interior, A huge light that attaches to the hood when doing engine repair, a pocket flashlight, a flashlight to do a quick and safety check over the vehicle during routine service, a drop chord light when working underneath the car, and maybe a couple more stashed somewhere. Does anyone else have this problem?

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After we got done working on a guy's truck a couple years ago, he asked me if I wanted to see his new flashlight. I said, "sure, why not?" He then proceeded to haul out the mother of all flashlights. This thing was MASSIVE and had about 200 LEDs blasting right in my face. It was worse than staring directly into the sun. Blinded, I told him to turn it off!! After regaining a bit of vision, I asked him how much it cost him. "Oh, this one was only $250. I like to collect flashlights, though, so I bought two of them." All in all, the guy had around $4k tied up in various flashlights.


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I just bought a couple more rechargeable saber led lights. They seem to be pretty tough. The old standby is the 2aa mag light. If only I could keep the guys from taking the batteries out to power other stuff. I had 4 or 5 dewalt magnet lights, these are really the best if you can remember to unstick them before a test drive :-)

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