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Joe Marconi

Motorists Delay Safety-Related Repairs ?

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I think we can all agree that many motorists put off preventive maintenance, especially the last few years during the recession. But what about safety-related repairs? A recent study taken by ForeverCar.com (an extended warranty provider), found that people were more interested in repairs to their air conditioner, DVD players, GPS and sound systems.


This is a little surprise to me. We do a fair amount of extended warranty, and found that if the customer thinks something is covered, they want to take advantage of the coverage, no matter what the repair is.


I do agree that it is easier to sell air conditioner repairs on a hot day than tires or brakes.


What are you seeing?

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That is a sore point with me here in Florida. Fix my a/c forget the cord bare tires! I prioritize repairs, SAFETY, PERFORMANCE, CONVENIENCE. When a customer refuses a safety repair is noted on the RO and they are required to sign off before leaving. We have no inspections here.

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