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Anyone with out there transition into auto body?

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Hey guys, I am trying to gather information and advice about this subject. I am going to be adding a body shop to our current shop. For those of you out there who have started with auto repair and progressed into adding auto body, what advice can you give me?


I have searched high and low for some sort of primer on starting a body shop but there doesn't seem to be a source for all that information in one place. I have reseached and read a lot of articles on bodyshopbusiness.com however I feel that a lot of the business articles are geared toward existing body shops with not as much value for someone starting out.


Just for background sake, we are going to be installing a full downdraft booth as well as have a separate section completely divided by a wall for the body end. We will most likely not invest in a frame machine until the body work picks up and will have to outsource that. The booth with installation, permits, fire suppression system, etc is already costing over 60k :blink:

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