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Joe Marconi

Your Feelings On RepairPal?

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This has been brought up before, but I would like to see what other shops feel about RepairPal.


Consumers can check average pricing in their area and look for shops that are registered with RepairPal. What bothers me is the price estimating. We focus too much on price already. That's not the way to brand or market a company. We have to be competitve, I realize that. But a company must also bring something unique to the marketplace. If we are all juged by price, the consumer will choose on price alone.


Is this good, bad, indifferent or what?


Here's a link to the site:





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    • By Truett
      Has anyone tried RepairPal? What were your experiences? Cost? Did it work? I am thinking abut tiring it for my locations. Just need a little information to base a decision on.
      Richard Rollilns
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      Does anyone use this site?
      If so, what's your experience?
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      Just lost a brake pad job to because the customer looked up on repair what the national average on what brake pads would cost. All around national average was less than what I was charging for just the rear. LMAO. Hack shops and garbage like repairpal ruin this industry. Once a customer sees stuff like that no matter what you tell them about warranty, quality in parts, workmanship will sway them otherwise. I'll be sure to tell off the next RepairPal rep that calls.
      UPDATE: I searched via my zip code and apparently the average for the are is not what the customer said. It would have landed us just outside of the highest range which is fine by me. I guess I should scale back some anger toward RepairPal lol
    • By Joe Marconi
      RepairPal released the results of the second Car Care Survey, which surveyed over 2,500 consumers to learn their views on getting their cars serviced and repaired.
      Surveys are subjective in nature and I am not endorsing the survey or RepairPal. I just thought it would interesting to review and would like to share thoughts and comments.
      We are living in s new age of marketing and advertising. We are seeing an evolution take place before our eyes.
      Take a look at the survey, here is the link.
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      Is any ASO member using RepairPal to help market their business. Or, has anyone checked out RepairPal, or know any other shop that is a member of RepairPal. Just wondering about this site and would like to learn more about it. Below is the web site link.
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