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Joe Marconi

Ase Certification, As A Requirement

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ASE certification is a requirement in my shop, with the techs and with service advisors.


We started holding study groups at lunch and after work to insure that techs and advisors were studying. I attended a few of these study groups and help to tutor the group. We just started this and the test scores were amazing. The interaction of the group makes a difference. The group also took practice tests and we reviewed the tests and the answers. Just thought I would pass this along.

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    • By Joe Marconi
      I require all techs to be ASE certified. For me, it's the only standard that is somewhat universal. I don't really do it as a consumer marketing point, but I do think that techs need to able to pass some test criteria. Different level techs have different requirements, if you want to be an A tech in my shop, you need to become a ASE Master Tech. We help the techs with prep books, training and in-house study groups. I also believe that it's good for moral and great career path reasons.
      Techs must pay for the tests upfront and WHEN they pass (notice I said when, not if), they get all the money back, plus an $25.00 bonus for each test passed.
      Also, all service advisors must be certified in C1 (Service Consultant)
      Do other shops have a ASE or other certifcation policy?
    • By Joe Marconi
      This is a reminder that ASE registration deadline is March 31. Make sure your techs are signed up, and don’t forget your service advisors. ASE certification is important to our industry and vital to raising our level of professionalism.
    • By Joe Marconi
      Most of us are in favor of ASE certification. But that’s voluntary. Would mandatory licensing help our industry? After all, even barbers need a license to cut hair. Would licensing improve the image of our industry and attract more quality people? Or would mandatory licensing add bureaucratic burdens on an industry already burdened by rules and regulations?
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