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Joe Marconi

What’s Your “Sweet Spot”

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It was not that long along when a vehicle from 4 to 7 years old was our sweet spot, the typical time when a vehicle left the new car dealer and entered our repair world. That sweet spot has been changing through the years and the recent recession, which resulted in less new cars being sold, has us now repairing and servicing cars that are well over 12 years old and well over 200,000 miles.


I don’t know if this has been typically good for us or not. Years back, when consumer confidence was high, people with a 4 to 7 year old car were more easily sold on service, repairs and maintenance. When people put off buying a new car for economic reasons, or worse, for lack of confidence in the economy, it’s much harder at times to sell to this mind set.


New cars must be sold in order to maintain a fleet of cars that will replenish an aging fleet.


What’s your stand on this issue? What’s your so-called, “Sweet Spot?”

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