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Joe Marconi

Help Service Advisors Sell Value and Benefits

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Help Service Advisors Sell Value and Benefits


We all know that selling the benefits of a particular service is far better than selling parts and labor. But sometimes, especially when we are busy, we forget and fall back into bad habits. To help the service advisors and to add value for the customer, we have been changing all of our most common service operations (we use Mitchell1 Can Jobs) to include a note that features the benefit of the service or item we are presenting to a customer.


In other words, a service advisor should not tell Mrs. Jones, “You need a tire rotation.” That does not mean much to the customer. The advisor should inform Mrs. Jones that performing periodic tire rotations will extend the life of her tires, insure that the tires wear evenly and save her the expense of buying tires prematurely.


So, as a reminder we included the benefit within the service operation can job.


For example:

Service Op: Tire Rotation

Note: Performing periodic tire rotations will extend the life of your tires; insure that the tire will wear evenly and save money by not having to buy tires prematurely.


This note gets printed on the invoice and is also on the screen. It’s just a handy way for the advisor to help remember to always promote value and benefits. The customer can also read the benefits on the invoice.


This can be done with virtually any service, item or repair. Remember, always sell value and benefits, not parts and ,labor.

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