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Joe Marconi

Past, Present, Future

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Past, Present, Future


I’m pretty sure we can all agree that the last few years have been a roller coaster ride with respect to business. But, if you are reading this, you are still in business. Maybe a little battle weary, but you’re still standing.


Hopefully by now you have gone thru all the numbers from last year and made your assessments on the state of your business. It’s crucial as you move forward to take a long hard look at all areas of your business and carefully calculate your cost of doing business (breakeven), all your expenses and all your key performance numbers. See where your weaknesses are and more importantly, see what brings you the greatest amount of return.


After you have done this, prepare a “State of the Business Document” and share this with your employees. They don’t have to know all the little details, but they need to know how the business did and where the business is going in 2013. Also outline all the accomplishments of 2012, leaving out the negative stuff. Remember, whatever you want to see more of is the stuff you promote and concentrate on.


Keep the document focused on the positive attributes of the business and outline your goals and plan for 2013. From time to time review the goals to keep everyone energized. Come up with a theme that everyone can rally around. In my shop I came up with “Lucky 13”, referring to 2013 being a great year. I walk around the shop when I see everyone working and say, “Great job, Lucky 13, this is our year!”


When you believe in your goals and keep them in focus it becomes real.


Lucky 13!

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