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Joe Marconi

N.Y. Senate Approves Tire Repair Legislation

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New York's Senate Transportation Committee approved legislation that would require automotive repair shops to properly repair tires.





A New York Senate committee approved legislation to require automotive repair shops to properly repair tires.


S 7082, the Proper Tire Repair Act, would impose a $500 penalty on a repair shop that attempts to repair tires without removing the tire from the rim, inspecting for damage and ensuring that a repair conforms to repair procedures supported by tiremakers. The bill was passed by the Senate Transportation Committee on June 5, during National Tire Safety Week.


“This legislation will help protect motorists from the risks of improperly repaired tires,” said Dan Zielinski, senior vice president of the Rubber Manufacturers Association. “Despite years of effort by tire manufacturers, tire dealer organizations and tire repair materials manufacturers to educate repair shops about proper repair, too many improper repairs are performed. RMA supports these bills and urges New York legislators to enact this legislation.”


S 7082 and its Assembly companion, A 9683, would prohibit a repair shop from repairing a tire if any of the following conditions exist:


• The tire tread depth is equal to or less than 2/32nds on any area of the tread

• The damage is to a tire sidewall

• The damage extends into the tread shoulder/belt edge area

• The damage exceeds 1/4 inch

• The tire has an existing improper repair

• The repair will overlap an existing, proper repair


The legislation also provides guidance to repair shops about how to properly repair tires:


• Demount the tire from the rim/wheel assembly

• Inspect the tire to determine the extent of damage on the inside of the tire

• Clean the inner liner to remove any contaminants inside the tire

• Remove the damaged portions of the tire

• Buff the inner liner to create a smooth and even surface

• Fill the injury with a cured rubber stem and properly install a tire patch or install a combination repair unit


For a free downloadable posters outlining proper tire repairs see below:


click here for two piece tire repair


One piece tire repair

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