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Joe Marconi

More and More Rusted Out Vehicles?

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Is it me, or are we finding more and more rusted and rotted brake lines than ever before? I know those of you in the south, where you never have snow, may not see this, but in the northeast we are seeing an ever increasing amount of rusted brake lines. We are also seeing an increased amount of rusted-through frames and rotted fuel lines.


I have heard that many towns and cities use a different chemical, combined with salt to coat the road during and after a snow storm, but I really can’t verify what every municipality does along the rust belt.


But here’s what interesting; it seems the most cars that are affected are those makes and models from the past 10 or 12 years, or so. For example; we see a lot of Chevy and Ford trucks with this problem, but we see older trucks, from the early 90’s or 80’’s they don’t seem to be as affected.


Would like to hear from other shops along the Rust Belt…

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