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Fooled by a worn Transfer case

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  • 3 weeks later...

We also had 2005 GMC Yukon. When it came in it was making a horrible noise, scanned computer and retrieved PO300 random multiple misfires. Live data showed intermittent misfires on 4 & 5 &6 pulled plugs, wires corrosion on the wires, rec: plugs and wires, vehicle was very salt corroded. Engine oil full and proper, oil pressure was good. Engine noise was consistant with RPM and gear change. Best guess was flexplate is cracked. We would have to disassemble to be sure. After repairs it was nice and quite with 2 mounting ears on the bell housing cracked and broken due to rust and may have previous work, no codes and none pending. He stopped by about a month later. It was making some noises. We suggested he take it to our Trasmission shop, we use. He did and the owner called us and said the the flex plate was broken again. He did the repair and we paid him. When I went and picked up the flex plate to turn into for a defective part, it was a disaster cracked all over and broken. No one here had ever seen anything like it except for racing or reving up and dropping it into gear. The transmission shop said they could not find anything we had done improperly. He said there had been an updated one from the dealer. I feel it is going to happen again, don't know.



TQ converter problem more then likely.

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