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  1. Theres nothing you can really do, outside of maybe getting your hands on the source code. The hardware is easy to reverse engineer, its dealing with the security software. BTW you are correct. There are 2 reaons however for these newer security measures. The first one is to prevent parts theft, the second is to lock in a exsclusive on repairs. Mostly it is part of a well intentioned anti theft program. However they do need to make available to us as a group, the tools to make these repairs.
  2. This is difinatley a problem. Why does every midsize car need a different balljoint. Why not commoditize some of these parts. It would save the manufacturers boatloads of cash !
  3. I can read that as if nothing was wrong.
  4. In my area, its the backyard partschanger/mechanic.
  5. this greatly depends on the volatility of the shops cash flow and the local economy. If you go out of bussiness paying salarys, your not doing your tech any favors.
  6. Sounds they are using a current detecting transistor in the output from the module, either that or they are monitoring the feedback diode for current load and if the system sees a out of spec condition it will refuse to power the circut. I'd have to check the diagram but this AC clutch was not relay drive ?
  7. ehh with today aluminum bearings I wouldn;t worry to much about dry starts. Plus the journals are well oiled during a oil change.
  8. I'd really like to move out of the retail market. If you could share what it is that you are doing/have done to build this side of your bussiness I would really like to know more. I have several fleets now but I am not sure of how to really go out and get more and what types of fleets tend to be the most profitable. I have a well equipped 3 bay shop with everything you could ever need to fix a damn car/truck down to fabrication tools. So I would gladly take any input in this direction.
  9. thats very beliveable actually. I remeber about 5 years ago replacement cats were a crap shoot. I don't replace many of them but I did notice less check engine lights on in recent years with replacement cats. There are programming tools which will allow you to change the switching thresholds of the sensors. But it requires a good bit of knowledge to execute and you won't be able to do all cars. chrysler trucks with the 5.2 and 5.9 and even some hmei models had cat efficiency checking that was so lax, you could take the cat off and it would likely not set a light.
  10. I can put anything I want on the bottle. find out if the fluid has bene OEM certified. I doubt it. The thing with honda transmissions "in particular" is that honda units are very fickle about fluid. VERY. ZF's and other transmissions are more tolerant but the design of the honda unit, the friction metrials the shaft designs and the valve body, all designed for that specific fluid. I wouldn't chance a come back on it. Even on my honda overhauls I buy the clutchs at $16 each from the dealers and most units have 20+ clutchs becuase its all very critical. I am sure that someone is pl
  11. It is very prevelant in my economic area and it makes billing almost impossiable. I break my diagnostics into .5 hours segements. We usually charge .5 hours to do a quick trouble shoot and then break diagnostics into further increments based on the problems we find in teh initial .5 hour inspection. Unfortunately companies like autozone are devaluing our bussiness and Its is very very fustrating.
  12. Aftermarket cats have less paladium and platinum in them, they also have different substrate materials to make the lower content of precious metals a more workable solution. They have vastly lower services life due to this. OEM cats in a market that demands 100% emissions conpliance is huge. Also alot of oil companies are adding nitrogen and more ethanol to the fuel. Ethanol leaves a very aggrevating residue lower tempature aftermarket cats may not be capable of burning off. I don't replace many cats. Although I get lots of exhuast repairs lately where cats have been stolen and
  13. I once knew a guy at the dealer who followed the diagnostic tree for a o2 code, he replaced a harness a ECM 4 o2 sensors. A older tech rolled over and cleaned the grounds and the car was fixed, morall of the story. If you have odd electrical behaviors, clean the terminals.
  14. As far as I know, BG fluids specifically for transmissions have not been certified as viable replacements by the OEM's. they have not gone through the OEM validation process. Also mercV and Honda ATF have very different viscosity index's. While BG fluid is fine in most domestic transmissions putting it into a unit with say a paper clutch vrs a high carbon high energy clutch and a aggresive drive could certainly spell disaster in the right circumstances. Also there is a wide variance in the lubrication film strength as well. BG makes a good product, it just isn't suited for ZF AW

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