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OE Maintenance

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    • By tyrguy
      Over the years we have developed some generic maintenance intervals to use on most vehicles. We have revised them as time goes by to reflect changes such as extending oil changes or extended coolant. Here's what we are presently recommending. Our POS system, Winworks Autoshop allows us to set up these intervals so that as a vehicle hits these mileages it automatically recommends them and when we do the service it automatically resets the recommendation in the future. Thoughts?
      Oil changes:  semi syn  4K,  full syn  8K
      Alignments: 12K
      Tire rotations  5K
      Brake flush  30K
      Auto trans svce  60K
      Man trans svce  60K
      Coolant flush  60K   [older type coolant] 30K
      Cabin air filters  30K
      Fuel filter   30K
      Fuel injection cleaning  30K
      Spark plugs  copper 30K,  plat, irid 60K
      Drive belts  80K
      Coolant hoses  90K
      Timing belts   90K
    • By nge
      Hey everyone,
      I was recently having a conversation over lunch with a college buddy of mine who has a PhD in computer science and owns a web development company we were casually talking about business etc and started discussing websites and ROI. This got me thinking about my shops site and how efficient we are in tracking the ROI. We currently use Autoshop solutions (were with them before he started the web company but plan on switching) and pay about $190 a month in web maintenance fees with includes updates, hosting and a portal to login to track views etc but it made me start wondering if I really knew the true ROI of my website. Every month I look at the numbers and the reports and see bounce rate, time per page etc but never really have sat to think what that really means and if my website is serving its purpose (to capture the attention of and bring in new customers). On top of that we have our adwords budget and all in all I feel like we are just throwing money out there hoping it will stick and assuming that the site is making us money.
      So my question is how is everyone else tracking the ROI of their website?
      Also, if you don't mind my asking, what is the typical amount (or rough estimate) you pay monthly for web maintenance (if you have it) and do you feel like you are getting your money's worth from your hosting company? My buddy has offered me an opportunity to come into his business (I have a background in IT as well) and to offer some insight in capturing some business from the automotive industry but I just wanted to get a feel for the problems which you guys are facing today to see if I am the only one with these questions and issues or if this could be an industry issue worth pursuing.
    • By Elon Block
      Hi everyone,
      I've posted a new blog post about an opportunity to increase your sales & profits
      by focusing on selling scheduled maintenance services. Click here for the blog post.
    • By mspecperformance
      Hey guys, I am putting together my numbers and sales goals and projections for 2016. Traditionally what has been your percentage of maintenance services from total gross sales? Where do you want it to be?
    • By mmotley
      I started my shop as specialty shop that solely worked on Toyota/Lexus/Scion. I've decided we are going to add Honda & Acura to our line up, but I've run into one issue. I can't seem to find a concrete maintenance schedule. All I can seem to find is the owner manuals that say just to do whatever the maintenance symbol calls for. That's great, unless they have just been taking it to the 'time-it lube' places where they just drain the oil, spin on a filter, and reset the light.
      So how do I start to make recommendations for replacing coolant, spark plugs, brake fluid, etc? Does anyone out there have any input/experience with these cars and when to make the recommendations? Or do I just wing it and come up with my own schedule?
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