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Hack Attacks! Tips for Securing Your Website

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From the time the first computer turned on with password protection, there have been people who thrill at the opportunity to try and crack the code. In modern day we call it hacking. There are many forms of hacking from malicious, to opportunistic, and in many cases, just because they can. Your website is a very public profile, running 24/7 and visible to the globe, they are perfect opportunities for hackers to use or abuse. The newest attacks are not intrusive, it's all about links. They will embed hundreds or thousands of links into your website without your noticing. Once Google™ suspects your website has these links, your rankings will drop or you may be removed from the search index.


If you are planning to build your website using Wordpress, think again. Wordpress is now the number one hacked website and blog platform on the internet. For a very simple blog, it can be effective and secure, but when you begin adding features required for website design and other bells and whistles, it can leave back doors open to intruders.


If you manage your own hosting, be sure to use a 12 to 14 digit random passwords. Passwords made from names and words can be hacked easily using automated hacking tools. Auto repair websites should always be hosted on a professionally maintained server with the latest security updates. There are many companies that offer this service for $ 10 to $ 30 a month.


Talk to your web designer about how your website is coded, and keep to the "simpler the better" plan. Every script or gadget you add to the website is a possible intrusion point to gain access to your files. Websites that have been designed over 2 to 3 years ago also need special attention to make sure the code is not out of date and leaving security holes open.


Auto repair websites are the same as automobiles, they need maintenance. If you haven't done any maintenance to your website in 6 months or longer, it may be time for a digital oil change!

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Very well stated and not often enough paid attention to. You would be surprised at all the hack attempts we thwart off from countries like China and India.


Worpdress is the #1 free blogging script available which is why there are hacker developed automated scripts to inject malicious code or simple links through faults in outdated code.


It is very important to keep your website scripts up to date because they often include fixes for security issues that are found and reported. There are also other tools available to keep your sites secure, but like mentioned above...definately talk to your web designer and make sure your sites are secure. Server level security is very important and I always suggest using a reputable hosting company, there are many out there.


Good thread, very good points. :D

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