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We don't sell a lot of tires. We sold $24,000 plus last year. Just wondering how everybody else is handling wheel weights and the tape ones. We charge a mount and balance additional.



We use an all-in pricing model. We market this as every tire sale gets a free mount, balance and valve stem(where applicable). We price in the cost of that when we determine mark-up. I have had better success with this method over an itemized breakdown, it is easier for the customer to understand and they seem to respond well to the upfront delivery of the pitch. There is no shock when it is check-out time. When I quote a tire, the price I give is total installation and tax included: "Out the door price". Works for us, about 90% of our business is tire sales

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We cover the price of the wieght and stem in the mark-up which is six bucks. We also charge a mount and balance of 7.50 per tire or 30 for the set. There is no way I am not going to charge that... I think that its acutally worth at least ten bucks a wheel but in my market that would be crazy. So we are basically selling our tires at cost and theres really nothing I can do about it. The good is that we don't stock any tires. I pull from six suppliers and the longest I have a set of tires is usually 2-3 days. I like it this way because I don't have a ton of money sitting on the floor. I really just don't have the room to stock a bunch of tires but my sales were in high teens using this method.

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Oh and because prices vary almost every week with tires I made myself an excel cheat sheet. All I need is the price of the tire at cost and then I can tell the customer what the final cost will be. I have found that telling someone what the price will be "out the door" is probably one of my best sales tools. I work with my father in law and brother in law and they have priced it per tire for years but now they like my method better. I think that it saves time and bs when the customer hears the final number. I'm not real sugary when it comes to my customers and thier vehicles. I usually put it them in a manner such as, this is the price and now you decide. If not then I'll roll it out and continue with whats in the parking lot.

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