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Hey guys I know we have gone over this before but I'm still having a hard time.I have been open for 3 months now I;m in the middle of a small communty on the edge of a small city/town.I am a Napa Care Center,I use Tracs.I am a mechanic/tech by trade so this is new to me.I went to one of Chubby's seminars and agree I was not marking up enough and need to start thinking like a shop owner.I was bouncing around the 40% gross profit,I now try 50% for smaller parts.Chubbys matix seems too high for me only because all my costumers are first timers.Chubbys methods seems its more for established garages.I also think that Napa's prices on some things to me are high,And things like fluid ATF oil can,t be marked up 69% if your needing say 7 qt Dex Merc would be $18 a qt to the costomer if I bought from Napa....really? I need a matrix I can trust I,m adjusting prices on the fly I can't teach anybody how to do tickets like this.Please does anybody have a happy medeuim?

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    • By phynny
      We use Mitchell and I find myself constantly changing the prices that it spits out even though I set up the pricing matrix... Anyone willing to share how they split it up and what figures they use? I want to give a fair price but I also don't want to short myself,
    • By ATLAuto
      Guys, we are having a tough time figuring out mark-up on dealer sourced parts. Currently we are selling parts at DEALER LIST and getting parts at DEALER COST, which is roughly 5-20% below list.

      This currently isn't cutting it for us.
      We have considered using the Dealer Parts Matrix, which I have copied below. The problem is that using this matrix will put most of the jobs we do WAAAAAY above the cost of the dealership, which is not an option. Customers get a brand new loaner car at the dealer. They get free food there. They get factory-trained technicians there. etc. We have a great facility and a great warranty. However, we cannot compete if we are way above dealer costs...
      So, with that said, what strategies are you using on dealer-sourced parts?
      $Part cost Gross Margin Divide By
      0.01-1.00 70.0% 0.30
      1.01-5.00 65.0% 0.35
      5.01-25.00 60.0% 0.40
      25.01-75.00 55.0% 0.45
      75.01-500.00 42.0% 0.58
      500.01-750.00 32.0% 0.68
      750.01 and up 28.0% 0.72
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