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To answer Gonzo’s question. We don’t do nearly enough reflashes at present time, but we are finding that the number is increasing. We probably do a few per month.


We primarily do Toyota’s, GM and Fords. If you run a full service shop and want to compete with the dealer you will need to consider reflashing. We had a suburban the other day with a power seat problem that needed a reflash as the fix. If we did not have the equipment and GM subscription, we would have to send the car back to the dealer.


The money is made, however, when you promote reflashes, in other words; checking for vehicles that need updates as a routine service and looking for needed program updates when a car comes in with a driveablity, performance or emissions problem. It’s like anything else, if you invest the time, education and money to equip your shop with the ability for reflash cars and you let the tool sit in your tool box, it will never pay for itself.


Hope this helped…

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