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00 silverado 4x4 p/s issue

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Apparently I am having trouble with pesky power steering issues here in the shop :lol: And parts companies...


apx. 114535 miles


Customer complaint... intermitent hard steering...


Customer has warranty on used vehicle


Replaced power steering pump, pressure hose, blew out return hoses, and replaced steering gear as well.


First p/s pump leaked steady stream through front of pump (replaced again)


Second p/s pump was extremely noisey (replaced again)


Steering gear leaking at pitman arm seal (replaced again)


(Can you tell I'm getting tired of this local parts company????)


As well replaced serpentine belt tensioner... Starting to think I'm working on a Ford at this point...


Customer is still having hard steering issue...


During installation w/ key on engine off... turned steering wheel lock to lock apx 30 times, checked fluid filled as nec... started vehicle briefly, checked fluid, ran vehicle for apx 20 secs... checked fluid again, ran vehicle, turned steering wheel lock to lock apx ten times checked fluid level again.... Road tested vehicle... P/S works well under load and driving conditions... EXCEPT..... AT A STOP SIGN OR LOW SPEED DRIVING virtually no power assist.


My assumption is still air bubbles in lines, or possibly the use of only power steering fluid with no ATF in the mix.... ERRRRR very annoying issue here guys between a run of bad luck on parts, and one of the most simple power steering system designs in production,... I'm breathless at this point. I suggested to my customer to drive the vehicle and put about 50 miles on it to possibly allow the air bubbles to work themselves out, and or to bring it back to the shop in a couple days for further diagnosis (seriously I'm starting to look like the village idiot here in my own head) :unsure:

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I'll look into those things guys, just odd that I'm already on my third pump. I don't have a pressure gauge so I'll start looking for one of those. I also ran across a hydroboost bleeding procedure on Mitchell, I'll give that a try as well. Customer should be coming back into the shop today.

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If you haven't done so already you may want to try a different pump manufacturer.



The first TWO were A1 Cardone, the one currently on the vehicle is an AC Delco... all of which are remans... Personally I would have preferred to install a new pump, but working with his "warranty company", they only wanted to pay for a reman of course, and as well expected me to only charge them what my price was on the pump. I hate to turn away work under any circumstance, but as of now I am surely loosing my rear on this one.

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If it turns out to be the pump, who pays for that? I know the answer already...


Make sure you go thru that entire system. Start from the basics and don't assume anything.


LOL that's a good one... I'm susposed to get paid twice from A1 Cardone and once more on the gear box... I almost would of been better off getting the parts from Autozone.. HA HA HA... (they're usually good with paying labor at least)...


I have one last trick up my sleeve, I'm going to pull the fitting out of the back of the pump and drill it out to the next size up, and sneak a washer behind the spring... Then head down to my friends shop if that doesn't do the trick and hook up his pressure gauge and see what's going on from there... Funny thing is he's got a 99 silverado he's fighting as well, except I think his is a gear box. (only having problems from one direction on power assist). We may just end up crashing both trucks into each other for fun :lol:

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I had one similar to this one a few weeks ago. My father-in-law's 02 GMC 1500 had hard steering turning right only and the left turn was normal. I ended up replacing the steering gear box and the problem was solved. Not a power steering pump issue on the one I had.

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Just finally got the truck back to the shop from the customer... Pulling the pump again and drilling the valve out to the next size up, and possibly shimming the spring as well. If not then its off to my friends shop for a pressure test as well... Fingers crossed


As well I don't believe this truck has speed sensitive steering either.

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Drilling and shimming the spring and valve didn't help whatsoever... Starting to lean towards another junk A1 Cardone gearbox...OR About to try my luck with an AC Delco/ and or GM Reman... Now for the fun part trying to convince the customer to pay the difference for the "good" parts I originally quoted the job out for, instead of the junk parts the used car warranty company only wanted to pay for...


Lesson for me learned the hard way... It's my way or the highway for now on!

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So far no luck with the third gear box. Has seemed to help a little bit, although only at a complete stop now does it loose power assist. Not sure if this truck actually has hydroboost or not (not to familiar with that system), it does appear to have a p/s fluid cooler in behind the grill, although I did blow out the lines return from pump and return from gear, to clear out any possible obstructions. Even bled the system as if it did possibly have hydroboost just in case. Waiting on a new belt to get here for fun, visibly no cracks, possibly stretched??? If this doesn't do it, I'll have to fold at this point, customer only owes 150.00 at this point, it will be worth it to me to possibly a) loose the 150.00 owed plus a new belt, B) this customer, and get back to work on jobs I've had to turn away due to my rack being tied up, as well as the dealership next door to me. :angry::(

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So far got 1200 psi max with valve closed on Kent Moore P/S pressure tester... then 1200psi max on lock to lock both sides... although this is with the wheels up in the air. So far this morning noticed power assist while on gravel at a complete stop... pulled onto concrete and started loosing power assist... I'm not giving up yet! Goanna get this thing off the rack with the pressure tester hooked up until I can drive in lot and duplicate problem yet again and check pressures. Will post up what I find one way or the other...

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So far got 1200 psi max with valve closed on Kent Moore P/S pressure tester... then 1200psi max on lock to lock both sides... although this is with the wheels up in the air. So far this morning noticed power assist while on gravel at a complete stop... pulled onto concrete and started loosing power assist... I'm not giving up yet! Goanna get this thing off the rack with the pressure tester hooked up until I can drive in lot and duplicate problem yet again and check pressures. Will post up what I find one way or the other...




SPEC IS 1350-1450 PSI... GAUGE COULD EVEN BE OFF 150 PSI.... IF I jack up the front of the truck power assist comes back, it does have after market 20" wheels and tires.. (tires are wider).... going to try oem wheels next??? Thinking that guys run 20-26" wheels all day long and don't have issues is my only concern, and 31-36s... ERRR

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does it run ok? plugs and injectors good? Ive seen low power at idle cause accessories to do strange things. If they have oversize tires chances are the did something to "make more power".



At this point, while I was able to duplicate the problem of no power assist with the pressure analyzer hooked up. I still peaked at 1200 psi, as well lock to lock left or right I was peaking at 1200 psi on both sides. I did however jack up the front of the truck slightly until we regained power assist. I'll be putting on my customers factory wheels and tires in the front and trying again... (as the factory tires are apx 3" narrower in width).


As far as any modifications there are none.


As well as far as any suspension problems I have already corrected a loose idler arm (only), and the pitman arm. I can't see any problems with suspension binding up at this point as well.

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