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00 silverado 4x4 p/s issue

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Apparently I am having trouble with pesky power steering issues here in the shop :lol: And parts companies...


apx. 114535 miles


Customer complaint... intermitent hard steering...


Customer has warranty on used vehicle


Replaced power steering pump, pressure hose, blew out return hoses, and replaced steering gear as well.


First p/s pump leaked steady stream through front of pump (replaced again)


Second p/s pump was extremely noisey (replaced again)


Steering gear leaking at pitman arm seal (replaced again)


(Can you tell I'm getting tired of this local parts company????)


As well replaced serpentine belt tensioner... Starting to think I'm working on a Ford at this point...


Customer is still having hard steering issue...


During installation w/ key on engine off... turned steering wheel lock to lock apx 30 times, checked fluid filled as nec... started vehicle briefly, checked fluid, ran vehicle for apx 20 secs... checked fluid again, ran vehicle, turned steering wheel lock to lock apx ten times checked fluid level again.... Road tested vehicle... P/S works well under load and driving conditions... EXCEPT..... AT A STOP SIGN OR LOW SPEED DRIVING virtually no power assist.


My assumption is still air bubbles in lines, or possibly the use of only power steering fluid with no ATF in the mix.... ERRRRR very annoying issue here guys between a run of bad luck on parts, and one of the most simple power steering system designs in production,... I'm breathless at this point. I suggested to my customer to drive the vehicle and put about 50 miles on it to possibly allow the air bubbles to work themselves out, and or to bring it back to the shop in a couple days for further diagnosis (seriously I'm starting to look like the village idiot here in my own head) :unsure:

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