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busy not profitable

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Guy I need help. We just celebrated 1 year of being in business and I am not happy with the shop profit. I feel like we are busy. We pay the bills and salaries but nothing extra to go to bank.

Our spec:

$65 pre hour

average 35% on parts

15% on tires plus $2.00 dispsal per tire and $12.99 mount/ balance per tire

brake specials at $109.99

2 bay shop. 2 techs, 1 office manager

Any ideas that could help the bottom line or % on parts that may help?

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    • By Framingham Auto Service
      I had  very high hopes for the beginning of 2017, taking in consideration that we finished the year very strong, and had a very good January.
      But it seems that the ground had open it and swallowed all the business......
      How about you guys, how are you doing?
    • By Joe Marconi
      With my work as a business coach, I get to speak to other coaches and shop owners around the country. It appears that many shops are slow, others are busy. And while there will always be ups and downs in the auto repair business, the present roller-coaster ride is one for the books.
      There are pockets of the country; northeast and mid-west in particular (among other areas) that are going through very tough times. Sales and car counts are down and shop owners are pulling their hair out trying to make sense of all this. There are other areas of the country that are having banner years. Hard to understand, to say the least.
      If you are going through a slow period, continue to build for the future. Maximize each week, each day, and each car. Discuss strategies with your employees and look for ways to increase sales and control expenses. Speak with all customers about their automotive needs. Don't get sucked into any negative moods of the customer. Most of all, remain positive. Things will get better with the right positive mental attitude.
      By the way, the above strategy applies to all shops, whether you are doing good or bad. Why? As I stated earlier, every shop goes through tough times. The problem? No can tell who will be next. So, plan for the future and keep your eye on your business​.
    • By alfredauto
      The last couple months have been extremely busy for us, I'm very thankful for that! My goal was always to increase car count. The complaint I hear every day is "I tried to call but your phone was busy" and "oh no, I'm stuck, can't you get me in today?" We have six lifts, work in the parking lot, and yet another right now emergency always seems to show up. I'm running 2 loaner cars. Shop efficiency is high, but theres a limit to how many working hours are in a day. These are new problems that I didn't expect and its tough telling people no. The reality is new customers will find another shop that can meet their needs, existing customers will feel l should squeeze them in.
      I'm not wishing for a slow down, I'd like to hear how you guys handle it.
    • By Joe Marconi
      There is a local Valvoline Quick Lube near me that does not appear that busy. I wonder if it's just this location or are quick lubes going thru a change in their customer base? I know one thing that strikes fear in the quick lube industry is the extended oil change intervals and the fact that many people pay more attention to the maintenance light than actual mileage.
      How are quick lubes around the country doing?
    • By Joe Marconi
      The market has changed. We need to realize that we need to be competitive in certain areas (such as basic services) and highly profitable in other areas (diagnostic testing and electrical). The consumer has choice today and is looking to save. Give your customers outstanding service and charge a fair price. Understand what you need to make in order to be profitable. Sell more of what is most profitable.
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