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Strengthen Your Business; Maintain a Positive attitude

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In the dark days of the World War II, when it looked as if Germany would overtake Britain, Winston Churchill, one of history’s greatest leaders, understood that for Britain to persevere he needed to maintain high morale and confidence of the people.


Churchill worked hard at reducing all signs and symbols of negativity. When the antiaircraft guns were low on shells, he ordered the firing of blanks. This would show a continuous message of strength, rather than silence which would bring fear to the people and give the German bombers a feeling of superiority.


When the Germans sank vital supply ships, Churchill pointed out that many hundreds of ship made it through safe and sound, instead giving attention to the ships that were sunk. Churchill never minimized events, but would never allow defeat to enter his mind.


As shop owners we are the leaders of our companies. We need to remain strong and positive. Focusing on the negative will hurt morale and only serve to bring down your business. Focus on the positive and watch morale and productivity go up.

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      Firstly let me say that I an just a regular guy from the UK who is the owner of a seven bay service centre/garage. I am not a financial expert. The dreaded inflation is upon us again. For the guys as old as me then this is nothing new. Back in the 70,s we had 15% inflation, but we all got by and lived for better trading days. Here in the UK we have always looked up to the USA because of your business prowess. So what do you guys look out as your worst enemy!
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    • Advertise your services or products to passers-by attracting them towards your business
    • By Joe Marconi
      I recently read an article in Auto Success online, a publication for dealerships. It states that there is a market for used tires. I was never a fan of selling used tires. Link to article below. 
      Your thoughts? Comments? 

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