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Ron Ipach

Why don't you just give up?

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As some of you know, I always go away on vacation for the entire month of July. Right now I’m writing this while sitting on a breezy sunlit balcony, overlooking an oil-free (for now) Gulf of Mexico. I have to admit, the prospect of spending another 3 weeks with these same ‘harsh’ working conditions doesn’t suck :rolleyes:


How can I afford the time and money to go on vacation for an entire month – and more importantly, how can you do it too? Easy. I made the decision to just give up! I threw my hands up and said. “NO MORE!”


No more:


* Trying to do everything myself

* Dealing with pain-in-the-ass clients

* Keeping lousy employees

* Wasting time on unprofitable work

* Allowing people to waste my time

* Dealing with other peoples emergencies

* Doing $15/hour work

* Excuses for not succeeding


When I finally gave up all that crap and fixed all those problems, a wonderful thing happened… I found myself with a whole lot more time and money.


I know this almost sounds waaaay too simple. You probably were looking for some super complicated formula, maybe a map to the holy grail, or the recipe for the secret sauce. But no. Just give up!


Just think of all the time you’re wasting dealing with bad employees and the problems they create?


How much of your valuable skills are wasted doing work that could easily be handled by a low-wage employee or an outsourced provider with special skills that you don’t possess?


How much time and energy is being sucked up dealing with folks that continue to be a pain-in-the ass, or just as bad, always ask you for favors or special pricing?


If you spend just an hour a week dealing with each of these problems, you’re wasting over 360 hours per year (There’s your month-long vacation, plus plenty of extra days to play ‘hooky’ throughout the rest of the year!!!)


And please don’t discount what I’ve said here because you think ‘your situation is different’. It’s not. We all have challenges that we must overcome in one way or another. If a shop owner in rural Canada, 20 miles away from the closest town; a shop owner operating in the ‘poorest city in America’; and a shop owner surrounded by 42 other auto repair shops in the same two-mile radius can all figure out ways to create million dollar businesses – plus find the time to get away and travel – so can you.


Let me ask you, on the list above, what are you holding on to that is more important than you finally being able to accomplish all of your goals and dreams? What are you willing to give up in order to make the change?



Ron Ipach

CinRon Marketing Group


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      Been reading a lot of books lately and one of the things I learned is that there are 4 different personality types. Assertive personalities respond best to assertive people which is why I answered the way I did. But yea long story short, customer comes in for brake diag, gets brakes done, we had to jump the car to get it started bc we kept trans in neutral to diag brakes to see if they're locking up. Anyway we let him know that and tell him that battery should charge by the time he gets home, which it should've.
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      Perhaps one of the best ways to motivate employees is to give them regular positive feedback. Too often, employees only hear when things go wrong. And while we all need to know when we fail, it’s more important to recognize when things go right. People want to know when they win.

      People also like to be included in on the progress of the company. It’s important that everyone in your shop feels that what they do really matters to the success of the company. This also promotes the right culture and builds a strong team.

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      Imagine two boys playing one-on-one basketball. They’re throwing the ball up, dribbling the ball, making moves, but not keeping score. Then one decides, “Hey let’s keep score.” What happens? We all know what happens. Both boys now play a lot harder; they pay more attention to their shots, they guard the other player with more intensity. They play with a goal in mind…the goal to win.
      Your shop is no different. We all need to know how we are doing; what’s our score. If your employees don't know how they are doing, there is no incentive to win. And, it's not their fault. They don't know the score.
      People are more productive when they receive feedback on how they are doing. Point out their accomplishments. Point out their progress. And most important, give everyone positive reinforcement.
      One thing, don’t make everything about the numbers. If you work on the person and bring out their strengths, the rest will fall into place.
      Show your employees their accomplishments, let them know their progress, and watch them win.
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