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Advice with staff issue needed

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Hi everyone.


I have just taken controll of a shop in the Orlando area after a year of trying to buy it. It only has two staff other than myself which are 1 tech and 1 service writer. Unfortunatly I am stuck in the UK for a short while finalising things here, I am hoping to be moved around the end of the month. Here is the problem that I need some help and advice, the tech is a military reservist and yes he is getting deployed for a year. Obviously I am going to have to get another tech and understand the associated problems with that. However what are the legal issues concerning a reservist going on active service, with regards to having to keep his job open for him after his stint and pay etc. This is all new to me as I am from the UK and understand there are more than likely different laws regarding this there in the US. I look forward to hearing from anyone who has had similar issues or knows what is the correct thing to do. I am glad to have found this site and am happy that so many of you more experienced owners are willing to share advice and help to those of us that are new to owning shops.

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