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People buy when they are ready to buy, not necessarily when you are ready to sell. Don’t get frustrated if a “Mailed Special” does not get the response you were looking for. Your customers may not be ready to buy your service at that time, even though it may be a great deal.


The purpose of advertising and marketing is to maintain a continuous stream of information to your customer. The more you can connect with your customers and other people in your market area, the more you increase your chances of those people coming to you when they are ready to buy.


Put it this way; Dunkin Donuts does not expect you to jump off your couch every time it airs a TV commercial, does it? No. The purpose of the commercial is to keep embedding the Dunkin Donuts brand into your mind, which in turn they know increases their odds you will choose Dunkin Donuts the next time you are traveling down the road looking for coffee and donuts.


Commit to a constant stream of advertising and marketing and, in time, it will work.


Remember, if you are not marketing to your customer, someone else will.

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