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    • By frostytire
      Had a customer blow their engine on the interstate. Vehicle was towed to the shop. Customer stated that he blew the engine and he might be back to get it but he also said that it was in reposition and the lein holder might be back for it. That was on December the 8th. Lein holder now wants the vehicle, we told them $50 a day. They claim that we need to file that we had an abandoned vehicle on our lot. Their bill is $1050 for storage fees. They want to get the car and only pay $250. We claim that the vehicle was not abandoned, the owner was present at the time of drop off. Any help would be appreciated.
    • By mmotley
      I'm looking to clean and organize the shop a little bit. Right now, we have to big, heavy duty, steel work benches. The problem is, it consistently gets covered with spare wd-40 cans, p/s fluid bottles, brake fluid bottles, glue, coolant jugs, etc, etc, you get the point. Underneath always has a jug of engine degreaser or some washer fluid. It's unsightly and I'd like to get it cleaned up.
      The following are links to a workbench by the company 'Shure'. I'd love to have this since it has sliding cabinet doors on the bottom and a nice stainless steel top that should be easy to wipe clean. They even have some nice matching overhead cabinets. However, it comes a hefty price of $1,118... Does anybody have any suggestions for a cheaper alternative? Or ideas for where to look?
    • By cdhowell
      All of us have, or will have an abandoned vehicle. Here it is easier to get an abandoned title than place a lien against a vehicle. So what are you charging for storage? I am currently $25 a day.
    • By MCCycleWorks
      So I had a customer drop a wrecked bike off at the shop because his insurance needs an estimate of damages written up. The bike is obviously totalled, but I went ahead and wrote up the estimate anyways. I've never had to deal with this before, how do I go about/what are the rules regarding charging storage to the insurance company for the motorcycle?
      Thanks in advance.
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