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When Husbands Send Their Wives…

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If there is one thing I will never understand is why some husbands send their wife in for car service and instruct the wife not to make any decisions until HE is informed. It always ends up with what I call “the phone relay”. We inform the wife what the car needs, she calls the husband, the husband relays a few questions, the wife relays the questions to us, we respond to the question and the relay begins another round.


Why can’t the husband speak for himself? What kind of man sends his wife to get the car serviced, but will not allow her to make decisions?


Here’s a recent story: I gave a women a price of $300.00 for 2 tires and an alignment for her 2008 VW Jetta. The wife called the husband, he told her we were too high and she told us that her husband can get the same job for half the price. I patiently told her, “Please ask your husband that I would really like to know where you could get 2 tires and an alignment on a 2008 Jetta for only 150 bucks!


After 6 relays calls back and forth I insisted on speaking to the husband! About 30 minutes later, he called. He tried to act tough and started to dictate to me what he wanted. I listened but did not get defensive. I did not focus on his tactics. I firmly stated what the car needed and he said, go ahead and do the job.


When the wife came to pick up the car, she looked embarrassed. I did not want to put her in the middle of this. I felt bad for her and wonder if I did the right thing by insisting to talk to the husband.


How would you have handled the situation?

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You handled it just fine. Do you have women call in asking for pricing with the husband talking to her in the background. I ask questions she can't answer. She asks here husband. He tells her and then she tells me. It is hilarious and ridiculous. I think these guys are uncomfortable with business dealings and they hide behind their wives.


Yes, I do get those calls. It is funny. You are probably right, these guys are uncomfortable. Are we that intimidating?

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