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My area is a very blue collar area. It is a suburb located about 40 minutes north on NYC. Most of the people commute to work. Most of my customers understand the need for preventive maintenance.


My experience with Hybrid customer is that it’s their magic bullet to cure all of society’s ills.


God forbid they lose a mile per gallon after we replaced their tires, they want to kill someone!


Maybe it’s my area only. But, this is what we have found.

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I think you are right. There are certain people that do things only because it is politically correct.


I have learned that life is not as easily definable as they may think. Take a look at the global warming issue. This planet has been going through climatic changes for 4 billion years. Who caused the ice age? Dinosaur poop?


I just don’t want to feel guilty because I drive a pickup truck and not a Prius.


Don’t get me wrong, I care about clean air and clean water. But, let’s be sensible about it.

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We see a handful of them but also, only for basic maintenance. I had the opportunity to try to dia a no charge complaint on a Civic this last summer, was kind of cool but scary all in the same token. Turned out to be a problem with the stator in between the transmission and the engine, the customer decided to ditch the car.



The hybrid customer in my area is about the same as yours, mostly tree huggers trying to do what society has told them is "right". I think the hybrid will be a short lived concept on the road to finding the perfect path for transportation. They just dont pencil out well, and god forbid when you need a battery you will have to resharpen that pencil.

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