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New York Cost of Doing Business

Joe Marconi

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  • 2 years later...

Sorry, I know this is an old topic, but I too have my shop in NY and can tell you it is crazy. I just recently began the "process" of being able to perform NYS inspections at my shop. Well, It's been 3 months and over $3000 later and I'm still not ready to go. Way too many Chiefs AND Indians in the NY DMV. Not only that, but why did I want to do inspections in the first place? An inspection costs the customer $21 (for most vehicles outside of NY City, there are differing prices dependent upon vehicle age as low as $6 for a trailer), the sticker itself is $6/each, a dedicated phoneline is needed at $50/month, 2 phone calls to the testing center at $.325/each, paper, ink for a laser printer I HAD to buy (no choice with the inspection computer other than laser or inkjet) by the time I'm done paying all of the hands in the pot I'll be lucky if I make $10 for an inspection that is supposed to take at least 20 minutes (not including getting the car in the bay and up on the lift). Tell me again why I wanted to do inspections in NY? Are there other states out there that have to deal with this? I think the company that makes the NYS Computers is making them for other states, do they cost as much for you? I am of the opinion that NYS needs to raise the price we get for an inspection to at least $30 so we don't have to rely on the "inspector finding work that needs to be performed". I think if they raised the price there would be less fraud in vehicle inspections in NYS. What's everyone else dealing with?

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Yep, we sell a lot of maintenance up sells by doing an inspection, oil change past due, tires worn & need rotate, brakes etc.

Make sure your techs are doing a proper NY inspection & service check over, that is key.

Most of the techs I have hired need inspection training as to the rules, do it in shop meetings.

Do not forget the easy inspection failures like wipers, we sell a lot & many times the customer says they forgot how bad they were.

We get lots of check engine light repairs & they pay accordingly.


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2 hours ago, autoguy said:

Everything keeps going up except the cost of parts which seems to be driven down by competition and availability online.

You are right on target.  Even without the internet, part prices in general are lower now than they were years ago.  That's why we need to be careful with margins. A 50% margin on a water pump that cost us $40, five years ago, is not the same as a 50% margin on a water pump today that cost us $30.  Years back we made $40 on that pump, now, at the same margin we make $30. Pay attention to dollars, not margins.

Add in the internet, and you have challenges. That's why we need to sell the Customer Experience, and make sure our labor dolllars drives our profit.  Keep expenses under control, keep production up and make sure we all get paid for the hard labor we do each and every day.   

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