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Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

OTC Pegisys Diagnostic Scan Tool

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Anyone get their hands on one of these yet? We have a Genesys, but this thing is supposed to be the latest and greatest:




Product Comparison Chart: http://pegisysotc.com/documents/08-163.pdf


* The Pegisys™ Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) links wirelessly to the host device, allowing the technician to inspect the vehicle's hard-to-reach computer-controlled components without being tethered to a conventional scan tool cable by using dependable 802.11b/g WiFi technology.


* OTC Direct-Hit Technician, Powered by Identifix™ is an exciting new option to help you find fixes even faster with Identifix’s unique, experience-based diagnostic information At the Fender™ on OTC’s new Pegisys scan tool.


* Pegisys AirBridge™ Wireless Technology features high speed WiFi Digital Input / Output (SDIO) 802.11b/g mini cards to wirelessly communicate with the vehicle as well as access the internet right from the tool. AirBridge™ wireless connectivity means you can field update to the latest and fastest wireless communications!


* Rotational controls allow you to quickly and efficiently scroll through menus from the left side and independently manipulate data from the right side. Scroll through long data lists fast – even when using gloves.


* The screen itself is also a navigation method. The touch screen and the unique graphic user interface allow you to use your finger, or the included stylus, to navigate through menus and other diagnostic functions. It’s that simple.


* Featuring the latest PC technology combined with OTC’s 25-year experience in scan technology and integrated high speed scope make this the most advanced diagnostic system in the industry.


* Features DVD-quality MPEG4 playback. Plug it into a monitor for an even bigger screen! It also features jacks for headphones, a microphone, video out, and more. As a multi-media device, it makes it ideal for sales clinics, training, technical support, and diagnostic information.


* Pegisys Diagnostic Tool storage solution permits the unit to be stored with cable attached to enable the technician to get to work fast.

• Cable Case top and bottom halves split for easy placement into most tool box drawers.

• OEM adapters are identified by color, part number, and description for easy identification and storage.

• Provide storage for the optional Heavy Duty cables, Extension cable, and other accessories.

• Rugged blow-molded construction for durability.

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Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

Flash Sale + Social Proof

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